Youtube Blitz Day 2

Here is the stats update from day 1:

Day 2: Stats From Day 1

Obviously one of the big things for day 1 is traction . . .and I think we did that 🙂

But what I would love for you to do is share in the comments what is the #1 biggest realization you had yesterday, the first day of the challenge!

I’ll leave these links here for a bit, these links showed the video in the first 3 hours hitting #1 in google and #2 in yahoo (don’t know how long they will stay that way, so could take them down anytime)

In just 3 hours, my video shows as #1 in google for the title search and #2 in yahoo –

#2 in yahoo

#1 in google

This is the kind of thing I’ve seen happen many many times before, when you get 100 views or so the first day.

Hope this is starting to give you insight!