Youtube Blitz Day 3

Today, I want to dig into getting yourself traction by spending time in the comment sections of my videos.

I know it seems strange, I’ve had several folks essentially accuse me of using this to drive views . . .

Well, of course it drives views . . that’s what it’s about, in some way, right?

That’s why you are here . . .to learn to drive views.

And you are going to see me drive views.

Then they are going to snowball.

And you are going to learn behind-the-scenes techniques.

And for most of you, with 0-2 videos – just having the guts to get 1 video up is huge.

And that’s where I’m seeing a gap – folks who have done a few videos are seeing this as, where’s the big syllabus, when are you going to teach us for an hour like you do in other courses?

Where’s the big thud factor?

But that’s just it – I’m not planning to do that.

This is a little each day.

This is just enough to do something each day.

And for the 20 or so folks who posted their first video EVER on youtube in the last couple of days – that’s really exciting to me!

So if you are just starting out – by all means, stick with the challenge, post your videos (one request please: only post each video once, not each video you make on all my videos)


So instead of a big box of training you listen to for 24 hours then never implement . . . this course is all about implementation.

Have I changed it a tiny bit since writing the copy for it?

Yes, it’s live and as soon as I did the first video and saw the interaction I realized it could be oh! so much better for than just learning what to do, seeing 1 video a day, and posting videos on my site.


I realized that if I dripped you a little bit each day – just like I am today – for 90 days – and you implemented one more thing each day for 90 days – you would be immersed in youtube such that you would be a pro at making videos, you won’t be scared in front of the camera anymore, and you’ll be able to speak on the fly.


So yes, if I wrote the sales letter today, I’d write it a little different.

But I believe that the immersive experience you are going to get is going to far outweigh a bunch of training and just seeing 90 videos.


Instead, I see you making 90 videos right alongside me, and posting those videos and interacting in the comments on the videos, and you commenting on others’ videos and they comment on yours.


Imagine if everyone watched 30 videos in 30 minutes each day, and you got 60 views each day from others watching and sharing your videos . .


Now, one more thing.

This is NOT JUST  about posting videos to get a bunch of views, it’s about sharing what you are doing – and by doing that, you get views.’

Very  fine line there, but it’s the difference in your marketing.

And if you are not just starting out –

maybe you aren’t going to post videos.

But maybe you could comment on other people’s videos.

They’ll see your comments and comments on yours.


I used to talk a lot about the idea of engaging in a community.

I don’t so much any more because people tell me they can’t find people in communities.

But think about it – EVERY video I post, when there are 10-20-30 people who post or comment – isn’t that a community?

What if YOU were to get involved and be the go-to person on my video threads?

When YOU have great info in your comment, and folks click your name in the comment and they go to your video channel . .. if you don’t have much there for them to consume, they will leave, but if you have valuable content on your channel – you might gain a new subscriber or better yet, gain view traction.


I want you to spot how YOU can learn a little something each day for 90 days and get more views than you have now . . .


It’s immersive.

It’s interactive.

And that’s how this whole internet business thing is.



And if some folks have been spinning their wheels for 3-5 years, they can’t get to a full time income when many people do it in 6 months or less . . .

And they don’t want to be immersive and interactive, like they just want to learn a whole bunch of new things to add to all the other things they already know that aren’t doing them any good because they are learning, learning, learning, not immersing . . .

3-5 years from now their life isn’t probably going to be any better.

So this is really about reversing that.

And to each of you who has created and shared 2-3 videos so far, and you are commenting on others’ videos, and you are going all-out for an hour a day to cheer others’ on . . that’s the spirit, and you’ll be amazed at what happens.

But if you’ve been on the sidelines, thinking, I just want to learn, learn, learn . . I encourage you, become a part of the community, cheer others on, watch their videos – imagine if you watched my video each day when I send it to you and then you spend an hour on youtube helping out . . .


What could happen??!!

I hope you get something out of it!