Youtube Blitz Lesson 4

I’m back from the weekend 🙂

by now you’ve likely seen my video where I dissected watch time results from the 1st day.

Now, this video was ITSELF a test . . . and when I record my next video (later today??) I plan to dissect the results from this video and the embedded test.

If you want to see it, go to youtube and type in “youtube engagement case study” (no quotes)

But for today’s lesson, I want to explain something about how YOU can get YOUR OWN channel kicked off during this 90 day challenge.

You see, the videos are live, and you can see what’s happening, and I’m doing it live.

And of course, in the future, folks can watch the videos, but they won’t see them as they come out live.

But what’s more is that they won’t be able to participate like you can.

You see, one of the key components online – and most folks don’t talk about this – is CURRENT ENGAGEMENT.

Current engagement drives results.

Current engagement builds lists.

That’s what I did at ezinearticles – current engagement.

That’s what I did on the warrior forum – current engagement.

And that’s what I did at Mike’s Warrior Plus – current engagement.

You see, current engagement is when you actively engage with subscribers and people and friends online and create a whirlwind of activity.

Now, the thing is, it’s hard to get started in youtube by JUST creating a video a day.

For 100 days.

It’s hard.

Cause without current engagement, nobody sees it.

So, normally, to get current engagement you would tell everyone you know.

Each time you release the video.

And you will still start very very slow.

But for an unprecedented activity for the next 86 days or so you can gain an amazing amount of current engagement simply by connecting with folks through my channel.

You see, not only are there about 50 people enrolled in THIS PROGRAM who should be motivated by the end of this post to comment on YOUR videos and create traction . . .

but I’m sending about 300 visits to some of my videos from my list, many of whom won’t even know they are supposed to engage with your videos, BUT they see your comments and like what they read and are compelled to click the video and watch it.

Are you beginning to see the power of this?

I’ve talked a lot about the 100 view mark.

You want to get a 100 views to your videos.

On your own, it takes time.

But with a village – specifically, MY VILLAGE for the next 86 days – you have a willing village.

You can interact LIVE with each other on youtube for the next 86 days and create amazing traction.

The key is the community.

The key is interacting.

The key is the commenting.

The watching.

The sharing.

Share other people’s videos.

They share yours.

And so on.

Give without expecting a return.

here’s the thing, you are motivated to do this thing, right?

You and so are most of the others who paid to get into this, just like you did.

They are being motivated just like you are.

But if you hold back and say, I will only comment on someone’s videos when they comment on mine . . . and everyone does that . . .there will only be a few comments.

Think about Cynthia’s video I sent out a couple days ago.

270 views, about 7 comments.

What would have happened to her video if 50 people had commented, and all 50 of you had shared it with your lists, etc.?

You see, I didn’t share her video to pump up her channel.

I shared it because the message in it changes lives.

It’s one of the hardest things to get my clients to do – create 6 pieces of content everyday in one hour.

But her video makes it easy.

If you have a list, you could share it just like I did.

You could post it on facebook.

You could share it in 100 ways.

or not.

Don’t do it if you don’t love the video.

But get into the spirit of this.

Think, how can I help others?

And if you help enough others, AND you create amazing content others will want to share, some WILL help you out.

Look, I feel like I’m beating a dead horse, drumming a spent drum.

But I don’t think most folks realize what an opportunity you have here to get your channel kicked off.

Because imagine if you went out and all-out for the next 86 days and did EVERYTHING you can to help others and handful helped you and you had 90 videos in 86 days left and they had hundreds of views and hundreds of comments – wouldn’t you be kicked off amazingly?

Would it be worth it to spend 2 hours a day on youtube, commenting and sharing and recording video and telling folks about the good videos you see?

Because this really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Because you can’t post videos on just anybody’s channel.

In fact, youtube will ban you if you do.

Cause the process is that most people will mark your attempt to post your video, as spam.

Then they ban you.

This isn’t something you can do anywhere anytime.

But you CAN do it NOW on my channel and on the channels’ of others’ participating in this.

And one of the biggest challenges I hear people saying is, well I can’t do this youtube thing and get lots of leads because I don’t have a following, I am starting from scratch.

But if you had 20,000 views and hundreds of subscribers in 86 days, you wouldn’t be starting from scratch, would you?

But if you let this go, then in 86 days you’ll be right where you are now.

I challenge you to USE the 90 day challenge, really dig in and participate and make it everything it can be for you.