Youtube Blitz Lesson 5

In today’s lesson, I want to encourage you to give folks an action to DO in your video.

Tell them to offer a comment below, or to subscribe, or to go to your site.

Have them go to a survey on your site.

Ask them if they know anyone who could use the help you provide and if so, to share your video with them.

Note: only ONE action per video (so if you have 4 actions, make 4 videos and put them in a playlist)

Keep in mind, the more engaged folks are, the more they will share.

And here is a link to the last video: Youtube Engagement Case Study

(I purposely left it out of the last lesson as I was doing a test, I did the test and just recorded a new video about the test, keep an eye on my youtube channel to see when that comes out, if it comes out before I write the next lesson)

I’m making more videos than days, so some videos may not be in these posts.

And here is a video I’m planning to send to my 30 day list, but haven’t yet (and have at least a couple more videos in pre-load mode): Squeeze Page and Giveaway Case Study