Youtube Blitz Lesson 6 – Why Should Anyone Watch Your Video?

Back to basics:

marketing 101:


  1. you must create or teach something other people want to learn about
  2. you must tell them about it in a (truthful and ethical way) such that they want to see what you are doing

    That’s the basic formula for all marketing – squeeze pages, to get folks to read any email, to buy any product.

The same thing goes for videos . . .

you must teach on something someone wants to learn

AND you must tell them about it in a way that makes them want to watch


here are places you tell them:

  1. in the title of the video
  2. in the “about” part of your video post
  3. in any place you ask folks to watch your video

So which title do you think works better to get more views:


a) Johnny’s 7th video

b) the coolest video on earth about how to make barbeque sauce


which method are YOU using?


Same thing with the about section – it must tell them WHY they should watch, what are they going to learn?

PLUS – any time you tell someone about your video (AKA in my comments where you are posting links to your videos)


Which do you think works better:


a) hey, I posted video 7 the way Sean said

b) here is a cool video I recorded on how to make barbeque sauce – it’s the super special Super Johnny Method! Tell me what you think!! (link to video)


Which is going to get more views?

Which is going to get more people WANTING to watch videos?


The ball is in your court now . . .