Youtube Blitz Lesson 7 – My First Live Stream on Youtube

Because you may be communicating with your list to get views to youtube, I want to share the email I wrote to invite folks to my very first live stream on google.

Notice how I explained the problem as more than just a set of bullet points, instead I dug deep with the WHY they should come.

And notice that I didn’t beg or anything – if they don’t like the topic or the tone, they don’t come.

And that serves as a filter to only get the RIGHT folks watching.

Here’s the email:


In corresponding with over 90 clients yesterday via email and in talking with multiple clients over the last few weeks, it has become amazingly clear to me that there is a desperate need for people (perhaps you) to get massive levels of traffic and new subscribers NOW – like yesterday, like in the next few days.

It’s not easy to do, but I did it, when I was getting started and several times since, and today I am going to share – in very raw and unfiltered terms, why what most people say to do isn’t working for you (you know it’s not working because you are doing what they say buy not getting massive subscribers)

and I’ll tell you what HAS TO HAPPEN for you to get massive leads fast.

It’s not easy.

Most people won’t like it.

And most people can’t focus hard enough to do it.

But nevertheless, I think it’s time to do it.

So I’m going to hold my very first live youtube stream, please bear with me with any technical difficulties, it should be recorded but when you do something you’ve never done for the first time and there are many moving parts, who knows what will happen.

If you want to get this urgent training AND be a part of history as I do my first live youtube stream, here’s link for 12:30 PM ET:

My First Live Youtube Stream

See you there!

Feel free to ask questions in the comments or the question box, I won’t promise to answer them all, but they may guide my training –



— So that was the email to invite folks to it.

Also, people who had subscribed to my youtube channel and get notifications from youtube, should have also received notification to the livestream . . .

By the way, the video is powerful and is part of your 90 day challenge . . .

I highly recommend you watch it, it will change the way you see driving traffic