Congratulations on choosing to join the Youtube Challenge where you’ll get to:

1) You’ll get behind the scenes access to my own secrets and personal proprietary formula for how I’m going to get 100,000 views on Youtube in the next 90 days (and how I intend to take 5 videos to 10,000 views EACH!)

2) You’ll get my $200 Youtube Traffic Training Program that will knock your socks off!

3) You’ll get a private user account on my website so YOU can share every video you create, for the next 90 days – and as I drive my own visitors to the site, they can see YOUR video, join your channel, your squeeze page, and so on (yes, you’ll be able to put YOUR squeeze page in every post YOU put on my site!)

4) As a part of my official Youtube Case Study – I’ll feature daily videos or daily channels – and based on your videos and participation – I may choose YOU as the daily video or channel! (Note: this is not guaranteed, you must create decent videos and participate to get chosen)

There will be some additional benefits and bonuses that I’ll add during the 90 days (I tend to get creative when I do things like this, for example, I plan to send a few emails to my list with announcements like, most prolific Youtube Challenger, best Youtube video, etc – and the sooner you get started in the challenge and start posting videos – the greater shot you have at getting chosen)

Now, I want to start this officially next week, so everyone can start at the same time, and folks are jumping in over the weekend.

So will create logins and site access next week for you, and start with instructions for how to create the videos, and begin sharing the behind-the-scenes tips.

In the meantime, if you already have a channel, be thinking of a few more videos you can add . . .

If you aren’t currently doing youtube videos, no worries, I’m going to teach you everything, starting by example, then by instruction.

Either way, if you want to get a headstart over the weekend:

Map out the 100 topics you want to teach on for the first 100 videos.

(You can google “10 x 10 matrix Sean Mize” to get my special ideas guide for how to think of 100 topics in your niche).

And next week I’ll begin teaching and start the challenge!